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Cavity Wall Insulation Claims

Claim Up to £50,000 Compensation on your poor cavity wall insulation

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Has your Home Value depreciated by 25% due to improperly installed cavity wall insulation?


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Millions of homes in Britain have had cavity wall insulation improperly fitted as part of a government scheme, causing major damage to properties across the country. If you’ve cavity wall insulation fitted over the past 15 years, your home could also be damaged, and you might be eligible for compensation to cover the cost of repairs.


We’re here to make sure you get the compensation you deserve for the damage caused to your home.


What is the cost to you and your Home?

Improperly installed Cavity Wall will compromise the structural integrity of a property and cause its value to depreciate by as much 25%.  Sadly, victims of cavity wall insulation have also found that their energy bills have increased and are now left with cold, damp and mouldy homes which has serious health implications.


How Many Homes in the UK have been impacted?

Although it’s impossible to know the exact percentage of affected households, a survey of 250,000 UK homes conducted by IRT Surveys LTD found that half of the cavity-walled properties have damp, slumped or missing insulation. With more than 6 million properties having had cavity wall insulation since 1995, this study suggests that 3 million homes are affected.



Where in the UK has been affected?

Severely affected areas include Wales, the South West of England and South West Scotland. One of the major issues for homes with cavity wall insulation is wind-driven rain, putting you at higher risk if you live in an area that sees the most wind and rainfall in the UK.


Are you Eligible to Claim?

If your home is suffering with any of these signs, then you may be eligible to claim


  • Has Damp Wall Patches
  • Smells of Damp
  • Signs of rotten woodwork
  • Excessive Condensation
  • Noticeable mould on furniture
  • Someone in your family suffers from breathing problems such as Asthma




If you and your home are suffering as a result of the cavity wall insulation crisis, you could claim compensation. In order to determine whether you’ve got a case, we will l arrange a specialist surveyor to assess the cavity wall installation and the damaged it has caused. Claim Now!


We have a strict no win no fee policy at Wall Cavity Claimer, which means you won’t pay a thing unless your case is successful – in which case, most or all of your costs will be covered by the losing party. We don’t tell you that you’ve got a case unless we’re confident you’re going to win, so you’ve got nothing to lose by getting in touch with us.


We work with the country’s best Chartered Surveyors who are ready to assess your home for any damage caused by poorly installed cavity wall insulation. Then we pass their report onto expert solicitors who decide whether you’ve got a case worth pursuing, in which case they’ll contact you directly to discuss your options.


We only work with the best surveyors and legal experts who have been working on cases like yours for years. They know what it takes to get your case moving along quickly and secure a ruling as quickly as possible. So you don’t need to worry about legal proceedings getting in the way of life.

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    Wall Cavity Claimer makes it easy for homeowners to get the compensation they deserve for damage caused to their homes by poorly installed cavity wall insulation. First, we send a Chartered Surveyors to your home to inspect the property and compile a report. Then we send this report to a team of trusted legal experts with years of experience in this field and the contact you directly if you’ve got a case.

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