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Cavity Wall Claimer – About Us

Here at Cavity Wall Claimer, we specialise in getting homeowners the compensation they deserve for damage caused to their properties by poorly fitted cavity wall insulation. Millions of homes across the UK have been affected and you could be entitled to up to £50,000 in compensation if your own property has been damaged.

If you think you’ve been affected, get in touch with us to find out if you have a claim.

Has your home been damaged by cavity wall insulation?

An estimated 3 million homes across Britain could be affected by insulation being incorrectly installed in their cavity walls. For more than a decade, sales teams were aggressively pushing homeowners to buy into cavity wall insulation on the premise it would save them money on their heating bills.

In theory, this is true but property owners are now discovering the damage poor installation is causing to their homes – many of whom have been left with repair bills to the value of tens of thousands.

We’re here to make sure you don’t have to pay the price for someone else’s mistake.

Why choose Wall Cavity Claimer?

CavityWallClaimer is a trading name of Claims Wall Advisors Ltd.

Cavity Wall Claimer are regulated by the Claims Management Regulator, which means we have strict rules and guidelines to follow when it comes to serving the best interests of our client.

Our role is to make sure you get access to all the expert advice you need to make a successful claim. This means connecting you with some of the best solicitors in the country, who have been dealing with cases like yours for years. First, though, we need to make sure we have all the information a solicitor needs to evaluate the strength of your case.

This is why we send a Chartered Surveyor to inspect your home and compile a report with all the necessary information your solicitor will need. Once we have this report, we send it to our network of legal experts and a solicitor will contact you if your case is strong enough.

Neither the surveyors nor the solicitors work for us; we simply connect you with the legal experts you need to get things moving.

You don’t pay us anything whatsoever for this service. However, if your case is successful, we may receive a marketing or referral payment from your representing solicitor. Every case we work on is strictly no win no fee.

Claim Up To £50,000 Compensation

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